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USA Weightlifting

Certified Coaching

Stength & Conditioning is the most under valued aspect of training for a lifetime of fitness.  Through the training techniques of the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, we believe we can prepare youth with fundamental growth and development which is required to be fit for life.  Starting as young as 6 years of age, we prepare athletes for general gym safety and movement all the way up through high school and college competitors, to Olympic hopefuls.  Group classes are offered weekly, and no experience is necessary.  



Edwin Johnson

  • 20 years of competition impacting lives of youth

  • 🥈 Silver Medal at the Masters Olympic Weightlifting World Cup in the 73kg weight class, qualifying for both the USA Masters Nationals & Masters Worlds -- a significant lifetime achievement.  

  • Wrestling, and Olympic Weightlifting, and Competitive Dance

  • Coached  Wrestling & Gymnastics for 11 years

  • Resulted in 2 Junior US National qualified wrestlers, 3 NCS placed wrestlers, a 2019 USA Olympic Weightlifting Youth National Champion, and 3 youth qualifying for USA Youth Nationals for Olympic Weightlifting in 2020

  • Certifications

    • USA Weightlifting L2 Certification

    • Crossfit L1 Trainer Certification

    • Bachelors, Computer Science , San Francisco State Univ.

  • Trained under seasoned Coaches:

    • Crossfit Coach Kelly Starrett

    • Olympian Oscar Chaplin 

    • USA International Weightlifting coach David Brown

Athletic Director


Garrett Allen

Assistant COACH

  • USA Weightlifting L1 Certified Coach & former High School Track Athlete

  • Former Boy Scout & Eagle Scout

  • History

    • Former Youth Weightlifting competitor

    • Current Junior (College) Level Competitor


Kimberly Wiese

Assistant COACH

  • 2022 🥈 USA Youth National  Silver Medalist

    • 🏅Gold Medalist for Snatch ​

    • 🥈 Silver Medalist for Clean & Jerk

  • 2022 🏅North American Open Series 2 Youth Champion​

    • 🏅Gold Medalist for Snatch ​

    • 🏅 Gold Medalist for Clean & Jerk

  • 2022 🥉North American Open Series 1 Youth Bronze

    • 🏅Gold medalist Snatch

    • 🥉Bronze Medalist Clean & Jerk 

  • 2021 🥉​ USA Youth National Bronze Medalist

    • 🥈 Silver Medalist for Snatch

    • 🥉 Bronze Medalist for Clean & Jerk

  • 2019 🏅 San Diego International Open ​

  • 2019 🏅USA Youth National Champion

    • ​🏅Gold Medalist for Snatch

    • 🥈Silver medalist for Clean & Jerk

  • 2018 5th Place USA Youth Nationals​

  • USA Weightlifting L1 Certified Coach 

  • History

    • Current Youth Weightlifting competitor



Competition Team

We also provide a competition team which aims to not only grow in practice, but also perform on the local and national stage.  By doing this, we feel athletes are provided with the opportunities to learn how to celebrate accomplishments, and more importantly learn how to get better when they don't meet their own expectations.  Pursuit of this goal is a foundation in which young adults can draw from as they face life challenges.  Drawing from experience of being on stage, at times with stage lighting, TV cameras, and hundreds in the audience but yet performing at their peak performance, these youth can take on any public forum with confidence of how to perform at a high level under stress.



Athletic Director

(925) 452-7076

2411 Old Crow Canyon Rd, Suite O 

San Ramon, CA 94583


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