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We serve our community by combating youth delinquency and stagnation in youth development by producing confident, engaged, young athletes through the practice of strength & conditioning and result in a pursuit of lifetime health & fitness.  


We use the techniques of Olympic Weightlifting as a vehicle to train in strength & conditioning, but all activities are a basis for youth to develop the sport of their desire. Programs are open to all youth of any background and level, and are invited to come as they are. We provide multiple age appropriate classes to establish a lasting program that serves youth continually ranging from age six through high school.


Safety is our top priority. and we maintain a physically and emotionally safe environment where each athlete is valued and treated equally while allowing individuals to pursue independent outcomes. We employ certified coaching staff and volunteers who meet national standards for instruction as well as verified safety standards in working with youth. We maintain a full time position as Athletic Director to emphasize our professional commitment to providing world class coaching as well as providing stable leadership to build recurring trusted relationships with youth.


Structured as a nonprofit 501(c)(3), we leverage community resources to fund our primary mission.  We strive to provide facilities with professional training equipment while efficiently using our monetary resources.  Seeking partnerships in the surrounding community, we also work with other gyms, schools, and businesses to support our needs for facilities, donations, and advisory services to sustainably deliver on our primary mission.


By pursuing our service in this way, we are committed to an enduring legacy that serves the intended mission year over year and results in having a multi generational impact on our community.






Safety and Trust are our utmost and top priority.  We believe this will result in a culture where athletes feel physically and emotionally supported.  No athlete will ever be physically or emotionally jeopardized.  We create a culture where a win for the community feels as powerful as a personal win.  We build trusted relationships through reliability, expertise, focused work, and empathy. 




Character development of youth to produce productive community members is our primary mission by combating youth delinquency.  We do this by creating memorable experiences which youth athletes can learn from: both in success and in growth opportunities.  Specifically, our culture does not thrive on success alone, but rather teaches how to deal with failure productively and consider it as part of the journey. By doing so, we produce a growth mindset where we have a community of youth constantly striving to improve. Every member feels that they are enjoying the journey with the program and new members are left with a desire to “try it out, and then come back again”. 




Service to our community is one of the key aspects of the benefit we bring.  We provide events, coaching, and mentorship to our community through strength & conditioning activities.  We want all our services to be available to those who would benefit and constantly strive to provide zero cost and below market cost in service of delivering World Class coaching.  Specifically, we provide opportunities to youth to have an impact in sport who never would have had it in a traditional sports environment -- we want the kids that “didn’t make the team.”  We also look to our community to provide funding for our service and ask that they service the broader endeavor through financial and volunteer support.

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