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Hazel, CA

"It's been more of a community for us.  For our daughter, it's been a great experience just being able to communicate with her team and her friends...she's made so many friendships and built relationships with her coaches, so to me, it's all about community.  [Our daughter] has great coaches that continue to motivate her.  She's grown in strength and endurance.  Not only is [fortified strength] building a team and a community, it's definitely family oriented and it's good for their self-confidence."

E.Q., Athlete

"I really like the community.  I've met a lot of cool people and I look forward to hitting new PR's at Nationals!"

Paul, CA

"Fortified Strength challenges your comfort zone.  It's all about doing things that you think you are not capable of and ensuring you are able to come out of it.  [Fortified Strength] is one place our daughter always wants to come and spend more time and challenge herself.  She's ready to try out things she would never try out before.  She has a passion for lifting but it comes from the coaches...the love, the care and the amount of focus the coaches give."

E.P., Athlete

"I love how the people and coaches are always so supportive!"  

Eran, CA

"Ed as a coach is really good with the kids.  He helps any level that you're in, he will get you and make you comfortable and grow you.  The community is good, the kids are really's an amazing place!"

R. C., Athlete

"Competing was really fun. I really like lifting in front of lots of people.  It's really exciting!"
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