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Celebrate a year of exceptional triumph with the latest addition to our collection. Deep navy embraces this tee, setting a backdrop of elegance and pride, allowing the golden words "Fortified Strength" to shine brilliantly at the forefront.


While the design remains understated, its significance is monumental. The gleaming gold lettering does more than just spell out our name; it encapsulates the very essence of our achievement this year: A Gold Medalist National Champion for 2023.


Every time you don this t-shirt, it's not just cloth you're wearing; it's a symbol of hard work, perseverance, and unmatched strength. Wear the legacy of Fortified Strength. Wear the glory of a national champion. Celebrate 2023 with us.

2023 Fortified Champion Gold

  • All sales are final unless product is damaged


  • Women's Athletic fit (aka Junior Fit), tight to the body. Generally will run slightly small

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